The Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) is that body of laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature. The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) are those regulations which are adopted by the Financial Institutions Division Commissioner, as applicable to the statutes he has been charged with enforcing. The provisions of the (NAC) regulations expand on the statutes, and in some cases the legislature has required the Commissioner to adopt certain regulations in the formulation of his oversight responsibility.

The process of adopting a regulation requires the (a) posting of a notice regarding a proposed regulations; (b) the conducting of a public "workshop"; and (c) the conducting of a public "hearing" to consider public input regarding the proposed regulation. Upon completion of the public "hearing" the Commission may move to adopt the proposed regulations, with any amendments he feels are appropriate. The regulation becomes effective upon the filing of the adopted regulation with the Secretary of State's Office.

The posting of the notice is given at least 15 days before the regulation "workshop"; is mailed to all concerned licensees/registrants; and is posted at the principal library in each county in Nevada. The regulation "hearing" is conducted following the regulation "workshop."

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NAC 604A

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NAC 604A Proposed Regulations (pdf)

9/21/12 (pdf)

10/03/12 (pdf)


NAC 604A October 10, 2012 (pdf)



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